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All Admits applications and modules run on Intel based hardware running Microsoft Windows network and desktop operating systems. While always looking to capitalize on advances in both hardware and software architectures, we maintain our compatibility with previous versions but from time to time new functionality may only be available with recent OS features. Hard Disk and RAM requirements in all systems will be dependant on several factors, the number of sales stations and their level of activity being the most significant. While we recommend that the Admits system be dedicated to it’s own server, we recognize that this is not always possible. Other activities and applications on the system(s), as well as other network traffic and performance, will therefore also need to be evaluated when assessing server configuration requirements vis-à-vis performance standards, as will your choice of operating system and database software.

With regards to "minimal acceptable requirements", while always recommending you go with the currently established, "biggest and fastest", it is worth noting that the current release of Admits is installed and functioning satisfactorily at a client site on a single processor PIII 600 PC (acting as a server) running NT 4.0 with SQL 6.5 and using Pentium 133 sales stations running Win98.

For Support purposes, remote access software is installed on your sever to provide remote troubleshooting and maintenance capabilities.

Application and Database Server

• Hardware should be true "Server" architecture design
• Dual processor
• Dual Hard Drives – SCSI or IDE
• Best Quality PCI 100Mbps Network Card
• CD Reader/Writer
• Tape Back-up

• Operating System: Windows 2000 Server or NT Server 4.0
• Database: Microsoft SQL 2000 or SQL 7.0
• Utilities: PCAnywhere, Crystal Reports

Point of Sale, BackOffice, Access Control Gateways, Credit Card Gateway, and Video Pass Stations:

• Pentium III 800 MHz
• 256 MB RAM
• 5 GB Hard Drive
• 4 COM ports (High Speed) & 1 LPT port

• Best Quality PCI 100Mbps Network Card
• 15" monitor
• Operating System: Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP,
Windows 98 SE, NT Workstation 4.0,