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One of the key strengths of the Admits system is the diversity and flexibility of the system. As such, many aspects of the system can be configured not only for various types of facilities, but also for the diverse needs and operational methodologies of the various departments and functions within a facility. As part of your training, you will not only learn the What and How of Admits, but also spend time reviewing the operations of your facility and we work with you on how you will configure and use Admits, and actually begin the process of configuring your database.

• Multiple Parks / Facilities administered from one integrated module.

• A 4 level "Product Tree" structure to set-up an unlimited number of Events and Products.

• An unlimited number of POS Buttons are programmable and can have icons, images and sounds attached to them.

• Real-time monitoring of network wide system activities including Login sessions, Sales statistics and Cash Drawer balances.

• Quickly invalidate a ticket or Pass, temporarily for a defined time period, or permanently.

• Monitor and administer Time and Capacity controlled events through a single screen.

• Operators are defined with unique ID’s, Password, Security Profile and Operator Profile. All activities on the system are logged against the Operator ID.

• Prompting for immediate Supervisor authorizations of restricted activities.

• Sales Stations are defined with unique ID’s and Profile. All activities on the system are logged against the Station ID.

• WYSIWYG Ticket Designer allows you to create an unlimited number of Ticket Layouts. Drag-and-drop fields onto the ticket design.

• Three levels of Taxation can be defined with Tax Exemption status override capabilities at time of sale.

• Easily record date & time specific Weather data as often as desired to allow for analysis against sales.

• An unlimited number of Payment Methods can be defined, each with unique properties and behaviors.

• Every time a Return or Void is done to an existing transaction, have a ticket receipt print for inclusion in the cash drawer.

• Product Templates to quickly replicate changes to groups of Events.