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Point of Sale is the selling interface, be it for Advance Reservations, Walk-up Ticketing, Retail or Food Service.

• Graphical screens are "easy to learn and easy to use" with Product / Event buttons that are user-programmable. This ensures maximum staff efficiency and the fastest selling process for each of your unique product requirements. There are 12 buttons per "page" and an unlimited number of pages that are easily accessed. The default page of buttons displayed is unique to specific Operators and Stations and the use of buttons can be restricted to limited groups of operators.

• Permissions and functionality is controlled by "who is selling where" based on the combination of three layered levels of Security. There are an unlimited number of Security profiles at each level: The first defines the modules of the system that can be used. A 2nd defines the functionality that is enabled at the Station and the 3rd defines what enabled functionality the Operator logged on can use.

• Coupons can be defined for $ or % discount amounts. Bar-coded hard coupons can be simply scanned at POS to purchase the appropriate product at the prescribed discount, or can be assigned to a pre-defined set of products. Easy to use wizards can set the valid dates and times for coupons to ensure they can be used only under the appropriate terms.

• Bundled Events pricing and ticketing. Up to 10 products / events can be bundled into a single "Combo" product with various pricing options. When Date, Time and Capacity controlled products are included in a Combo, it can be configured to auto-select the "next best available" or to prompt you for manual selection. You can elect to print individual tickets for each event, or a single ticket that will scan at the appropriate valid access points. NEW: Combos can now include products from multiple days.

• Internal Debit Card functionality allows for the creation and use of:
   - Stored Value Cards – $’s or points
   - Rechargeable Point Cards
   - Loyalty Card program

• Credit Card Authorization is integrated into the POS and you can select from either traditional or TCP/IP connectivity.

• Take payments directly in an unlimited number of international currencies. An on-screen utility is available to provide pre-transaction answers to clients conversion questions.

• There are numerous tools to assist with the function of Cash Management: Do quick Cash Drops, print on-demand Cash Card on your ticket stock, set maximum change amounts and cash drawer maximums with alerts by station. Management can monitor all stations in real-time with additional detailed reconciliation, reporting and auditing functions.

• Quickly Reload and Modify prior completed sales or open reservations. Chose from a drop down list of the last 15 transactions at the register, or enter the Transaction or Ticket number, or locate the sale in a patrons sales history.

• Vouchers / Gift Certificates can be configured to be sold as fixed or variable price products and then subsequently used as a method of payment.
• User definable Demographic questions and frequency are unique by station and can have predefined drop down lists for responses.

• User Definable Sale Profiles. A "Sale Profile" can be attached to a sale to collect information specific to this transaction only. Typically used for school or group bookings to collect information such as grade level, special needs, teachers names, arrival times, etc..

• Easy to use Wizards can be used to define when products are on-sale and the product availability. (e.g. a one-touch sale button buys the "Saturday Evening IMAX Double Bill", but the button only works on Fridays and Saturdays)

• Flexible Pricing methods include Calendar based Price Schedules, Variable pricing, "Donation" type pricing

• Schedule Batch Printing of Advance Sales based on multiple parameters.

• Memory button selects the last product purchased and takes you directly to the buyer type selection, thereby reducing sale times.

• SKU lookups and GL account assignment for products.

• On screen messages to staff – manual prompt, or scrolling message bar with auto-updates.

• For large groups, you can elect to print a single Group Ticket.