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Store information and track sales and visit activity about Members, Frequent Visitors, School or Corporate groups, Employees, or any other patrons. If you use a third party Fundraising or Membership application, patron data can be loaded into the Admits database using the Import utility and the external ID number is stored to allow sales and visit data to be related and reported.

• Unlimited number of user defined patron types, address types and templates

• An unlimited number of Templates are used to capture 40 additional pieces of user defined data.

• Wizard for fast adding of records during the sales process.

• Fast lookup by numerous criteria (including external ID number) displayed in user-defined columns for quick confirmation and selection.

• Two-tiered structure allows for linking of patron records. This could be Company & Employees, School & Teachers or Family & Family Members.

• For Membership records, Start and End dates can be used for Pass validation at access points.

• 10 Interest Codes, from an unlimited list, can be stored with each patron record to assist with demographic analysis and marketing programs.

• All historical sales activity and every ticket or pass printed for the patron can be viewed.