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The Admits Access Control system monitors admission, access and usage at multiple control points. This process eliminates counterfeiting and gives management an instantaneous count on attendance, geographical distribution and movement. The most significant product feature is the ability to offer pay-as-you-go or decrementing ticket systems. With this process, the ticket buyer can purchase a ticket with a predetermined value. As a guest enters an attraction or passes through a turnstile, they are charged for usage.

• Laser Scanners or Proximity reader (radio frequency) at each entry point read barcodes, magnetic strip or RF chips.

• Communications between the entry points can be via direct connect cable or wireless.

• Access Control equipment includes laser scanners or hand-held radio frequency proximity readers that can be mounted to turnstiles or barriers to control entry and exit.

• Multiple user defined access rules are unique by access point and support all ticket and pass types.

• Report by area or the entire facility.

• Analyze date, time, location and rates of admissions or usage.