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January 18, 2008

One of our museum clients recently installed a new industry standard Parking system in their garage.  It is an unattended, fully automated, pay by the hour system.  Users receive an encoded card upon entry, would typically upon exit insert it into a self-serve kiosk and pay the required amount, thereby authorizing their card for exit.

They wanted patrons to be able to also pay for their parking via our ADMITS ticketing POS.  This was for a number of both logisitical and customer service considerations.  In addition to the standard processing of the card, we provide additional functionality of tiered pricing by verifying the patrons membership status and thereby automatically adjusting the price paid.


- A Parking product is added in our system, and assigned new properties flagging it as a "3rd party parking" product, and given variable price capabilites.

- When the product is selected into our POS, you are promted to swipe the parking card.

- If appropropriate, you also swipe / enter the patrons membership card #.

-Our ADMITS application commmunicates with the parking system database to obtain information on pricing categories, entry times etc. and will automatically enter the required payment amount into the POS.

- As they may be paying for parking up-front upon the start of their visit (as part of a single purchase including their admission / event tickets), the payment amount can optionally be changed to the "daily maximum".

- Upon completing the sale, our application updates the parking system database reflecting the appropriate "value" / exit time of the now authorized parking card.

For further details, please contact us.