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March 01, 2008

Our Web Based Ticketing is a hosted, venue branded solution providing real-time Integration with the in-house ADMITS system. Alternatively it can be easily configured as an independant web-only sales tool for those venues that do not use our Admits system in-house.


Our fully functional demo & test site can be accessed here:


Please visit the Art Gallery of Ontario ( ) and the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center ( ) to see live sites. 


Working with our existing clients to find the most effective solution to their web based sales requirement, the primary considerations communicated to us were: integration with the in-house ticketing system, ease of setup / administration; cost effectiveness, and consistency in appearance with the venues existing web site


In response, we are providing a hosted, venue branded solution.


The web-store is to appear to be a logical extension of your corporate website.  Each client site will be unique and venue specific in terms of its appearance and content.  It will not reference or link neither other venues nor Stream In Technologies.  While the web-store will be standardized in terms of layout and functionality, headers and page content will be customized by each client.  This would include logos, headers, descriptions, images etc..  Additionally, introductory and instructional text and the FAQ section will be venue specific.  From your corporate web page, those wishing to purchase tickets to events, or items such as Memberships, would be linked to your exclusive pages at the central hosting location.


The web based sales application is integrated with the in-house Admits system for both setup and administration purposes as well as to have the web sales activity appear in the system as would any other sale. If you were to change the price of an event in the in-house system, that price change would automatically be reflected on the web site within a minute.  A purchase done on the web site will be visible and actionable within the in-house system within a minute of itsí completion.  If you are not an Admits system user or have no requirement for in-house ticketing, a fully functional stand-alone web-store can easily be configured for your use.


Vist the demo and test site for more information on features & functionality.