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November 16, 2007


Stream In Technologies has installed the first release of its new Access Control module.  This new ticket and card scanning component is a Windows based desktop application that integrates with the Admits Admissions system and utilizes the full features and functionality of the existing back-end Access Control logic.  Multiple user-defined access rules are defined uniquely by access point and support all ticket and pass types.

Utilizing industry standard scanning devices and communicating to the server over your TCP/IP network, results are displayed back to the local PC screen.

This new module can co-exist with our traditional Access control system that operates turnstile and other electro-mechanical barrier devices.

The Admits Access Control system monitors admission, access and usage at multiple control points.  This process eliminates counterfeiting and gives management an instantaneous count on attendance, geographical distribution and movement.  In addition to validation, a significant product feature is the ability to offer pay-as-you-go or decrementing ticket systems.  With this process, the ticket buyer can purchase a ticket with a predetermined value and as they pass through scan points they are charged for usage.