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March 15, 2005

Press Release May 01, 2003

TORONTO, ONTARIO May 01, 2003 Stream In Technologies has acquired Tickets.comís ADMITS ticketing and access control system via a newly incorporated company headquartered in Whitby, Ontario Canada. Stream In Technologies was formed for the purpose of supporting the currently contracted ADMITS users, growing the installed base, and developing and expanding the functionality of the ADMITS product. The core of individuals in this venture have been involved with the ADMITS product since the introduction of the Windows version of the system 5 years ago.

David Codiga, Executive VP of Operations for, and David Dick, President of Stream In Technologies, issued a joint release to ADMITS clients stating:

"While ADMITS did not find a place within the strategic direction of, it was the existing clientsí commitment to the ADMITS product that was one of the most significant motivating factors in the decision to see it placed in a new home at Stream In Technologies. We believe that this renewed focus, with new development and marketing activities, will offer a secure and stable future for ADMITS and itís clients. Our objective was always to find the best solution for the clients, the staff, the vendor, and the product. We believe this has been achieved."

Mr. Dick adds: "In its short time in the marketplace prior to itís acquisition by, ADMITS had attracted a quality list of clients that three years later are all almost unanimously still users and advocates of the system. We would like to thank them for their patience and support in the past, and are optimistic that this will result in a prosperous future for all concerned parties. is to be commended for itsí commitment to these clients and itsí willingness to ensure their interests were the prime factors in decisions related to the future of the product."

About the ADMITS Reservation, Ticketing and Access Control System:

ADMITS is multi-functional client-server Windows application with an ODBC database that was designed specifically for General Admission venues including Zooís, Galleries, Aquariums, Museums and Science Centers. ADMITS is modular in design, allowing the numerous functional components to be configured to suit the needs of a variety of facilities and their diverse operations. The system can be used to issue tickets, wristbands, receipts, membership cards, gift cards, point cards, photo passes, all integrated with access control scanning. In additional to traditional general admission ticket sales, ADMITS also meets the needs of Time and Capacity controlled events within such facilities. ADMITS handles the diverse needs of visitor services operations, from event set-up through sales, ticket printing, cash control and reporting. It addresses both advance reservations and walk-up sales for individuals or groups. The ADMITS system was designed to deliver enhanced marketing capabilities with: Patron specific as well as generic demographic data capture; Product Interest Codes; Membership attendance tracking; Coupons, Gift Certificates, Stored Value Cards, Loyalty Cards; "Combo" pricing; all supported by unrestricted and powerful relational database capabilities.

About a global live event ticketing solutions provider is a leading choice among operators of arts, entertainment, and sports venues. Under the ProVenueTM Ticketing Solutions brand, venues have five product sets to choose from including ProVenueEliteTM, ProVenueMaxTM, ProVenuePlusTM, ProVenueServicesTM and ProVenueOnlineTM. The B2B website,, incorporates the most flexible ticketing choices in the industry. The company facilitates the sale of tickets by enabling venues to sell tickets and manage ticket operations through a variety of distribution channels. develops private label branded ticketing services for organizations with e-commerce distribution platforms. The company also provides sales for clientís ticket inventory through its consumer website at.'s automated ticketing solutions are used by thousands of entertainment organizations such as leading performing arts centers, professional sports organizations and various stadiums and arenas in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Latin America, and Asia. is a preferred ticketing partner of, and was the official ticketing supplier to the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. ###

For further information, please contact: At Stream In Admission Technologies Inc Ė David G. Dick 905-430-6949.


March 15, 2005


Stream In Technologies is a newly formed company that acquired the ADMITS system and itís client base late in 2002. While Admits has been around for some 15 years, the Windows version had only recently been introduced when the company that owned it, Lasergate Systems Inc., was acquired by With a very different corporate strategy, Admits did not find a home within the direction of the new organization. In its short time in the marketplace Admits had attracted a quality list of clients that three years later are all almost unanimously still users and advocates of the system. It was their commitment to Admits that was one of the most significant motivating factors to see it placed in a new home at Stream In Technologies. The individuals in this new venture are mostly from the same team that has been involved with Admits since itís release. While there was no new marketing or selling for several years, there were continuous development activities to fulfill the contractual obligations and support requirements to the client base. Ownership and control of the Admits system has been transferred to us with no restrictions as to development or sales activities and we expect to aggressively act in both areas. Over the past few months our focus has been the requirements of the current clients while at the same time we have worked to establish our infrastructure and develop the strategies for future Development and Sales activities. To our existing clients, I would like to extend a personal thank-you for your patience, perseverance, support and good wishes. To prospective clients, I would like to offer our commitment to continue to deliver the quality products and level of service that those that came before you have come to appreciate.
David G. Dick
President, Stream In Technologies


March 18, 2005

NEW RELEASE OF ADMITS Admits 9.2v73880 is now available for download and install. There are two significant enhancements in this latest release. The Combo ticketing functionality has been added to whereby different events within the Combo can be from different days. Also significant is a change to the Video Pass module to make full use of the standard Windows drivers for communication with both input and output devices. Now any image capture device or printer that has drivers for your installed version of windows can be used to take pictures and print tickets or passes. Existing customers should go to the Clients area to review other changes in this release and to download it from the ftp site.


September 01, 2006


Stream In Technologies has announced that their existing ADMITS Admissions System has been tiered to create three distinct product offerings:  ADMITS LE, ADMITS Professional Edition, and ADMITS Enterprise Edition.  The Professional and Enterprise edition represent the formal segmentation of features and functionality that already exists within the current installed base.  The LE edition represents a new offering that will make many of the features and functionality of the system installed at larger facilities available to smaller venues.  This announcement reaffirms Stream In Technologies commitment to a product strategy that will deliver diverse and complimentary solutions to a wider range of clients within our traditional market of general admission facilities.  

ADMITS LE is supported by the freely distributed and newly released Microsoft SQL EXPRESS database product as opposed to the more functionally robust full edition of Microsoft SQL in use with the other versions.  While still providing an open relational database, SQL EXPRESS is a more appropriate application for lower volume situations and delivers a significant cost saving to users.  Combined with a rationalized version of the ADMITS application, significant price reductions can be realized.  The LE edition will also offer a Quarterly License Fee pricing model to make it more accessible to venues.  In addition to eliminating any large up-front financial commitment to "Purchase" the system, such a model does not commit an organization to the long-term operational visitor service policy and procedural changes that typically result from a system change.  Try our system, if you find it is not the right solution for your operation, cancel at any time.

This segmentation of the product has accomplished several significant corporate objectives:  To deliver a system rich in features and functionality that would otherwise be unatainable by smaller venues; to allow us to more appropriately configure and price the system to more diverse venues of all sizes; and it establishes the framework for the development and deployment of new integrated applications to meet more of the operational needs of our traditional clients.  The real benefit of this model to both us and our clients is that in reality there is only one version of the Admits product.  Each client actually has the same set of application software installed, but the enabled modules, features, and functionality are controlled by unique registration codes.  Adding optional items or upgrading to another version is a simple process of entering a new registration code.  It is an equally simple process for a growing venue to upgrade a SQL EXPRESS database into the full Microsoft SQL environment.


January 15, 2007


Stream In Technologies has successfully deployed the Merchant Connect Multi (MCM) card processing solution from Tender Retail Systems integrated into its ADMITS Ticketing POS system.  MCM is an industry leading Debit Card payment processing application that additionally provides another Credit Card processing option to Admits clients.  Using TCP/IP based communications, the average turnaround time for both types of card transaction authorizations at client sites has been 3 seconds.

This performance combined with all card processing functions being fully integrated into the POS has dramatically improved the time to process a sale resulting in shorter lines and an improved visitor experience. 

Stream In Technologies has initially partnered with Chase Paymentech and certified the end-to-end solution on their platform.  The on-line and hard copy reporting they provide facilitates timely and simple reconciliations when combined with the reporting directly available from the Admits application.


Chase Paymentech Solutions, LLC, ( is the world's largest merchant acquirer accepting payments at the point of sale, hospitality, internet, retail, catalogue and recurring billing.

Tender Retail ( is Canadaís largest integrated payment software systems company, holding 70 per cent of the market for software systems allowing debit card, credit card, gift/loyalty, pre-paid phone cards, money transfer, and cheque payments via a single integrated system.  Tender Retail operates in both Canada and the United States.


March 01, 2007



Offer your clients the features and functionality of the most diverse offerings from third party providers without the expense and administrative hassle.  Itís 100% your money, and you make the decisions on all concerned policies and procedures.  Customize the style and appearance of the cards to your facilities preferences.

The Internal Debit Card or IDC functionality within Admits allows for the creation and use of:

Gift Cards

Stored Value / Point cards & tickets

Loyalty Card programs

Gift card products can be pre-defined with fixed dollar values or allow for variable amounts to be set at the time of purchase.  They can be printed with unique barcodes when sold or pre-printed cards can be scanned and activated as part of the sales process.

Stored Value / Point cards can be preloaded with a fixed number of points and sold accordingly.  Events and Products can be configured to both earn and/or be purchased via the use of Points.

Loyalty Card are given to patrons and then presented by them to earn points based on purchases and/or admission activity.  They can then be used to purchase items as permitted.

The gift card is used as a method of payment and is verified immediately and decremented within the Admits system with no need for 3rd party intervention.  Any concerns or issues can be dealt with and resolved locally with little effort.

Both Gift and Point Cards can optionally be configured to be rechargeable such that additional amounts can be purchased and added to existing cards over time.  They can also be set to expire after a pre-defined period of time, at a defined date or to never expire.  If either card had been initially sold into a patron account record in the system, it can still be used as a method of payment even if not in the possession of the purchaser, at the discretion of the sales staff, by verifying personal information from the account.


November 16, 2007


Stream In Technologies has installed the first release of its new Access Control module.  This new ticket and card scanning component is a Windows based desktop application that integrates with the Admits Admissions system and utilizes the full features and functionality of the existing back-end Access Control logic.  Multiple user-defined access rules are defined uniquely by access point and support all ticket and pass types.

Utilizing industry standard scanning devices and communicating to the server over your TCP/IP network, results are displayed back to the local PC screen.

This new module can co-exist with our traditional Access control system that operates turnstile and other electro-mechanical barrier devices.

The Admits Access Control system monitors admission, access and usage at multiple control points.  This process eliminates counterfeiting and gives management an instantaneous count on attendance, geographical distribution and movement.  In addition to validation, a significant product feature is the ability to offer pay-as-you-go or decrementing ticket systems.  With this process, the ticket buyer can purchase a ticket with a predetermined value and as they pass through scan points they are charged for usage.


December 04, 2007

To provide our clients another option for their card processing, we have integrated the PC Charge application from VeriFone into our ADMITS Ticketing POS.

PC Charge offers numerous card processing functions and operates on most payment processing platforms.  The fully integrated implementation combined with the TCP/IP based communications delivers superior performance, reporting and reconciliation.


VeriFone, Inc. is recognized worldwide as the leading provider of secure electronic payment technologies. Thousands of customers count on our PABP (Payment Application Best Practices) validated solutions and unequaled professional support services to drive business success. Our solutions enable our partners and customers to accept fast, secure electronic payments from their customers wherever, whenever, and however transactions occur.


January 18, 2008

One of our museum clients recently installed a new industry standard Parking system in their garage.  It is an unattended, fully automated, pay by the hour system.  Users receive an encoded card upon entry, would typically upon exit insert it into a self-serve kiosk and pay the required amount, thereby authorizing their card for exit.

They wanted patrons to be able to also pay for their parking via our ADMITS ticketing POS.  This was for a number of both logisitical and customer service considerations.  In addition to the standard processing of the card, we provide additional functionality of tiered pricing by verifying the patrons membership status and thereby automatically adjusting the price paid.


- A Parking product is added in our system, and assigned new properties flagging it as a "3rd party parking" product, and given variable price capabilites.

- When the product is selected into our POS, you are promted to swipe the parking card.

- If appropropriate, you also swipe / enter the patrons membership card #.

-Our ADMITS application commmunicates with the parking system database to obtain information on pricing categories, entry times etc. and will automatically enter the required payment amount into the POS.

- As they may be paying for parking up-front upon the start of their visit (as part of a single purchase including their admission / event tickets), the payment amount can optionally be changed to the "daily maximum".

- Upon completing the sale, our application updates the parking system database reflecting the appropriate "value" / exit time of the now authorized parking card.

For further details, please contact us.